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When was the last time you attended a meeting where every single person at the table contributed to the discussion? Where discussions were engaging and you left the room with a better understanding of how to move forward as a team? If it’s been a while, then maybe it’s time to try something new and use Backwards Bicycling as the workshop facilitator for your next meeting, team building, training, or conference session. We provide meeting facilitation in Cleveland, the surrounding areas, and are currently offering virtual workshops as well.

Why Backwards Bicycling?

Participating in a facilitated workshop or meeting with Backwards Bicycling, LLC is not only productive, but it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Certified in the LEGO® Serious Play® method, our facilitator also brings passion and a love of problem-solving to the process. This creates an unforgettable and engaging event or meeting for your team.

What does Backwards Bicycling represent?

​​​​I chose Backwards Bicycling for my business name for a number of reasons and it honestly keeps changing as my business evolves. Too often in business and in life, we get in a rut with our way of thinking. We focus on what we know and sometimes use the same approach over and over, even if it’s not the best way to move forward. Sometimes the only way to move forward, is to first forget what we assume to be the only solution and try something new.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato

Short Workshop
1 - 2 hours

• Up to 50 participants

• Ideal for work retreats, opening sessions at meetings, team building sessions, and ice breakers.

• Designed to stimulate discussion, set a tone for an event, and engage participants.

• Can be custom written for industry or event topics.

• Creates a level playing field. All members have the same bricks, same task, and same amount of time to complete and share.

Introductory Team Building
3-4 Hours

• Up to 25 participants

• Excellent for establishing team roles, trust and communication goals, and structure.

• Participants may review the past, play emergence, and extract simple guiding principles to move forward.

• Workshops may include building shared models, landscapes of grouped models, and systems.

• Building may include exploration of personal identity, external identity, aspirational identify, team life, and team connections


Deep Dive Team Building
Full Day

• Up to 25 participants

• Focus on team dynamics, vision, and guiding principles, as well as the forces (agents) that can affect the team.

• Participants create connections between outside forces and how they affect team dynamics.

• Taps into participants imagination of the future and how to maintain team life through unpredictable disruptions.

• Can be conducted over a full day or two half-days with a warmup to re-engage on the second day.

“Without trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team.”

Stephen Covey